How often did it happen, that you missed an opportunity to meet a friend while doing shopping or walking in the park? With the Contact Radar – Detect People Nearby App it won’t happen anymore!

Instantly meet people listed in your Contact Book and get notified when they’re close. This app utilizes your smartphone to detect people around and displays a notification when they are within the range. Now, you will never pass an opportunity to meet anyone you know!

Contact Radar brings your friends closer with smart features designed to connect the people. Contacts around you can be conveniently presented in a list form or you can view a recent and real-time GPS location.

You can call your friends instantly and directly from the app as they are in range! Just select a detected person from the list and start talking.

Contact Radar is easy to use! You don’t need to configure the app – the whole configuration is tight to your smartphone. Just enter your phone number and let Contact Radar care about the rest.

Just enter your phone number

Thank smart notifications you are always aware when your friends are passing by. Be notified as your family members are coming home or a colleague is just doing shopping in the same supermarket. Why not to talk – it’s just a single tap!

A Friend is nearby!

Our app is available for free and without hidden payments for you on Google Play. The iOS version is coming soon.Do not hesitate and download the app Contact Radar – Detect People Nearby.

Join the party now!

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